Industrial property

The law firm has extensive experience in advising on industrial property law. Our attorneys specialize, among other areas, in issues involving protection of trademarks, industrial designs, patents, utility designs, trade names, geographical designations, as well as in combatting unfair competition.

In the above areas the law firm provides services which ensure a coherent strategy for protection of the client’s industrial property rights. The following are the most common assignments dealt with by our attorneys:

  • handling court disputes involving infringements of industrial property rights, as well as combatting acts of unfair competition,
  • handling objection proceedings, as well as proceedings for an annulment and expiry of industrial property rights before Polish courts and the Patent Office, as well as before European Union bodies,
  • registering industrial property rights, preparing and giving opinions on agreements related to industrial property rights, management of industrial property rights, including carrying out searches in databases,
  • carrying out audits of industrial property rights; supervision of maintenance of exclusive rights, and monitoring same.