Mass media and telecommunications

The Mass Media and Telecommunications Department is mainly involved in cases concerning the legal organization of radio and television broadcasters, including the licensing of such businesses. We have considerable experience in preparing draft agreements for broadcasting programs and leasing transponders, as well as the complicated legal instruments applied in the radio and television sector.

Another important field of our activity is advising national and international publishing and press companies. Our work in this field encompasses various issues concerning press law, freedom of speech, and assistance in obtaining the requisite permits for newspapers and magazines.

The Department’s activity in the field of telecommunications law encompasses providing legal assistance to several renowned companies on obtaining licenses for regional telephone and data transmission services. We also specialize is shaping the corporate aspects of investments in the area of telecommunications, enjoying significant success in a field subject to extensive regulatory constraint. We have also represented a foreign operator in the formation of a consortium and the preparation of a bid to apply a third generation (UMTS) mobile telephone license.