M&A and Corporate

The broadest area of our practice, M&A and Corporate Affairs involves nearly all the partners and the majority of SK&S’ associates. It encompasses assistance in privatization transactions, direct greenfield investments and transformations in the private sector. We have also rendered services in respect of ownership transformations in the banking sector. We have implemented numerous projects in this area of legal practice in close cooperation with foreign banks, including, in particular, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and leading investment banks worldwide.

Aside from our transactional work, we continue to provide advice to numerous foreign firms of world renown, as well as the largest Polish companies, both privately and publicly owned. Our achievements include participating in the drafting and implementation of a range of restructuring concepts, particularly in the liquid fuels and mining industry, and banking and finance fields. We have advised our clients on introducing numerous processes for merging, dividing and transforming companies, non-standard increases in share capital and mandatory share purchase and redemption. Finally, we are proud to mention our negotiation of numerous joint-venture agreements for our clients.