Our clients include Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe, and Symantec. For the majority of these clients, our relationship goes back a long way, e.g. we have been working with Microsoft for more than 20 years now.

The scope of legal services provided by SK&S for software producers involves both support in preparing and negotiating trade contracts with sub-contractors and with suppliers of products or services, as well as advice on licensing agreements, agreements on acquisition of financial copyrights, as well as various types of issues involving relations between clients and administrative authorities. Our firm also supports product location processes, in particular license agreements for computer software. We have key knowledge on issues involving distribution channels and partnership relations, as well as agreements with end users. We have advised in projects related to the migration of dedicated IT systems for enterprises, as well as in agreements on outsourcing of services and IT resources.

SK&S also conducts an extensive program involving the prevention and suppression of infringements of intellectual property rights of software producers (a more detailed description is provided later on in the offer). We also handle cases involving customs seizures, personal data protection and various types of regulation issues. SK&S also advises on matters involving marketing undertakings, addressed to both distribution channels and to consumers.