Our clients include both companies conducting traditional sales which start a web store as a complementary sales channel, and companies conducting their activity exclusively via the Internet. We have been providing legal services in this respect to domestic companies starting their e-commerce activity and to international corporations which have been active in e-commerce for many years. This allows us to see e-commerce from various perspectives so that we are able to answer current clients’ issues, and predict potential future problems that may occur in the future and help our clients adopt a proper strategy to avoid them.

In particular, we assist our clients in drafting rules and conditions for providing services via the Internet, and in adapting regulations of foreign companies to domestic legal requirements binding for their subsidiaries. We support our clients in the preparation of necessary documentation, including: order forms; complaint procedures; and guarantees.

Furthermore, we support our clients in the scope of privacy policy. It is worth noting that SK&S is one of few law firms that has a specialized and expert legal team providing comprehensive services in the field of personal data protection. In this area, we provide legal audits regarding the application of provisions in agreements with clients, group companies, and contractors.

In addition, our e-commerce team co-operates closely with legal experts from SK&S’ other practice areas, thanks to which we provide support, inter alia, in the fields of unfair competition and intellectual property, including: trademarks; copyrights; and Internet domains. We represent our clients before tax authorities and courts in cases, inter alia, regarding the protection of Internet domains against claims. We also advise in the area of advertising and promotion.