SK&S Privacy Insight #1 | Quarterly magazine on data protection law

We invite you to read the first issue of the quarterly magazine on data protection law SK&S Privacy Insight.

In this issue:

  • Whistleblowers vs the GDPR – the draft of the whistleblower protection act
  • A few comments on the bill amending certain acts in connection with the development of e-government
  • First fine for inadequately protecting whistleblowers’ personal data
  • Decisions of European authorities – the processor’s responsibility for processing personal data
  • Poland – Health sector code of conduct on the processing of personal data for health service providers and Processors
  • Recent case law – the most important judgments and decisions in the area of data protection

Downloand the PDF version here: SK&S Privacy Insight #1

Authors: Agata Szeliga, Sylwia Macura-Targosz, Jakub Derulski, Adrianna Gnatowska and Katarzyna Klonecka.