To work for private clients means so much more to us than simply advising another group of investors. Advising private clients is a challenge, a pleasure and a privilege. We advise them on their family and professional lives, and on private wealth, we accompany them as they create and expand their firms, especially family firms. It is a source of great satisfaction to observe the growth of family firms in Poland and abroad.

We offer comprehensive services to private investors and entrepreneurs operating in numerous countries. We work for many of the largest. Our close links to law firms outside Poland enable us to offer tax-safe solutions in transactions that go beyond Poland. However, legal services to private clients are not limited to tax matters. When working for private firms we merge an interdisciplinary approach with a deep understanding of the business sectors involved and respond effectively to the expectations and challenges faced by private companies. We draw from the expertise and experience collected in our legal practice as a whole.

We advise in particular with respect to:

  • Succession planning for individuals
    Working hand in hand with our clients, we elaborate the best scenarios for succession for the family and the family business.
  • Relocation
    We plan the relocation of foreign clients to Poland and of Poles abroad.
  • Family foundations
    We advise on and help establish foreign family foundations and place them within the structures of family firms, to the extent allowed by the law.
  • Reviewing and structuring family firms
    The great business ideas of their founders may have led to the creation of many family firms but not infrequently their dynamic growth was the reason why the best legal vehicles were not employed. We help review the legal structures of family businesses, preserving what is best in them. We resort to our wide experience in reorganising and restructuring enterprises, and we use the legal mechanisms of the merger, division and transformation of companies.
  • Selling shares in Polish companies
    Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, private clients decide to sell their firms. We assist them in getting ready for this step, providing support during negotiations of the terms of the transaction with new investors, such as private equity funds.
  • Taxation of private income
    We advise on the taxation of the private income of investors, entrepreneurs, managers and employees. We have extensive experience in matters of taxation of income earned abroad (including CFC, secondment) and income tax.
Tomasz Kański
Senior Partner, attorney-at-law
Sławomir Łuczak
Partner, attorney-at-law
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