Good relations with employees are the key to success for every business. We offer employers every legal assistance in the broadest sense of HR and compliance matters. Our objective is not only to provide the right answers but also ask the right questions, as it is our ambition to address all the relevant aspects of the matter we are entrusted to solve. We give due consideration to tax, corporate and competition regulations, working hand-in-hand with our colleagues engaged in other practice areas at the firm. We know that legal questions of employment relations must be solved with the laws governing other facets of business operations in mind. Our advice is pragmatic and effective. We understand clients’ needs and this is why we propose solutions that are practical.

Brevity and clarity in communication is what we prefer. When we draft advice we take into account the business objectives and special features of the client’s operations.

Our labour law team is one of the largest in multi-disciplinary law firms. This makes us well suited to handle even the largest projects. We have immense knowledge and practical experience and we are thus able to promptly respond to our clients’ needs. There are labour law specialists in each of our four offices across the country, which facilitates contact and helps reduce travel and representation costs.

We offer the following services:

  • compiling the full set of documents needed to employ a worker,
  • drafting a full set of internal regulations adjusted to the needs of a particular employer,
  • auditing an employer’s internal documents,
  • assistance in hiring and ending employment,
  • making a work establishment ready to be transferred to a new employer and assisting in the process,
  • complex support in negotiations with trade unions and disputes with employees,
  • support in crisis situations, such as carrying out internal investigations with respect to workplace mobbing, discrimination and abuse (also providing psychological support),
  • court disputes with employees,
  • making preparation for and carrying out collective redundancies (also providing psychological support),
  • assistance in developing effective remuneration systems,
  • support in the implementation of employee capital plans (PPP),
  • on-going monitoring of labour law jurisprudence and legislative changes, compiling legal alerts.
Agnieszka Fedor
Partner, attorney-at-law
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