It takes expertise in a number of specialized areas of the law and practical experience in how the legal rules are applied to advise clients from the infrastructure sector. Being equipped with both, we are able to take into account the engineering, technical and financial angles of infrastructure projects. We deal with all the relevant legal aspects of infrastructure projects, and their financing and implementation, as well as with disputes among the parties involved.

Having advised on infrastructure projects for many years now, we have provided legal assistance in many different fields of infrastructure investment including the following:

  • roads and motorways
  • airports
  • energy networks
  • gas systems
  • power stations, renewable energy infrastructure
  • telecom networks
  • waste processing plants
  • incineration plants
  • water supply systems
  • buildings and housing estates

in order to do so, we have drawn on our thorough expertise on

  • construction law
  • environmental law
  • waste management regulations
  • energy law
  • State aid
  • public procurement
  • public – private partnership
  • administrative procedures
  • banking
  • FIDIC and non-FIDIC contracts
  • what is considered to be ecoterrorism.

We advise clients on:

  • contracts for planning and design works, construction works, design-build contracts, build-operate-transfer contracts, concession contracts, general contractor contracts, and supervision in construction works contracts, as well as both those made between private parties and those awarded in public procurement procedures, such as competitive dialogue or negotiations, be it FIDIC or non-FIDIC contracts,
  • contract performance, e.g., whether a contract has been adequately performed or there has been a breach, whether the works are defective, and on acceptance and refusal to accept the works,
  • access to real estate,
  • clashes with other infrastructure objects,
  • administrative procedures and cases before administrative courts concerned with preparation for and implementation of investment projects,
  • utilities,
  • monopolistic and anti-competitive practices,
  • the legal aspects of financing infrastructure projects: we advise on contracts with banks, on collateral security and financial investments,
  • we also advise on disputes arising out of infrastructure projects, such as disputes between investors and designers, investors and contractors, and investors and their clients (e.g., disputes under contracts with developers),
  • we handle disputes with ecological organizations and owners of adjacent real estate.
Zbyszko Wizner
Senior Partner, attorney-at-law
Krzysztof Cichocki
Partner, attorney-at-law
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