white collar crime

The White Collar Crime team guide individuals and company boards through criminal proceedings and internal investigations. In such circumstances it is crucial to properly assess the client’s situation as, in most cases, it is rather complicated as far as the facts and the law are concerned. We know what action to take to meet the expectations of people whose personal and professional lives, and business affairs, are on the rocks.

There is a growing tendency to increase the impact of criminal law on business, and many laws provide for criminal sanctions. Criminal proceedings often pose a challenge to firms and their managers, not only because criminal sanctions can be severe, but also due to other factors, of which all those who have navigated their firms through a crisis arising out of the fact that criminal proceedings are underway, are well aware. The shareholders and clients ask for information and often demand firm reaction, the employees, often without having enough facts or having to guess, are increasingly stressed and this has a discouraging and demobilising effect; and the law enforcement authorities want adequate and prompt answers to their questions. In such circumstances assistance can come only from a person who knows the law and the working methods of the law enforcement agencies, and who can also manage the crisis and present strategies that take into account the needs and risks presented by all those who are involved in the matter.

The team
We always work as a team. When the situation requires, we call on colleagues active in other practice areas or in other jurisdictions. We cooperate with the best analysts and experts. Our attorneys attend searches, examinations and hearings. We appear in the courtroom representing victims and as defence lawyers. This gives us a broad perspective and helps us to choose the best strategy, as we understand how the flywheels of criminal proceedings work. We always look for the best solution for our clients, be it when we recommend a harsh settlement, or when we defend or support at case before the law enforcement authorities and the courts.

It is easier to manage a crisis born out of criminal proceedings if the client can follow previously agreed rules. We draw up and implement compliance procedures, and we help clients to become aware and build the skills necessary in the increasingly complex realities of the marketplace. Finally, we share with the clients our expertise and experience in cybersecurity. During the last decade we have carried out dozens of investigations, including forensic, open source and social media intelligence, we have examined hundreds of witnesses, and appeared before the courts and law enforcement authorities in hundreds of cases in Poland and other European countries. We advise clients from the IT, FMCG, heavy industry, distribution, finances, construction, real estate, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Tomasz Konopka
Partner, attorney-at-law
Katarzyna Randzio–Sajkowska
Partner, attorney-at-law
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