The law firm Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak was formed in June 1991 at a time when, following Poland’s transition to democracy and a free market economy, a free legal services market arose geared to providing legal assistance regarding ownership transformations, and new national and foreign investments.

The formation of the law firm and its continued growth have been due, to a significant degree, to its founders’ assumptions as regards the directions in which the Polish legal services market would develop in the new economic reality. These assumptions proved accurate and SK&S is currently one of Poland’s leading law firms.

In January 1997, SK&S opened its first branch office in Poznań which has significantly enhanced our ability to serve clients along the whole Polish-German border. In January 1999, a branch office was opened in Katowice (Silesia). The Katowice Office has enabled us to assist our clients more effectively in the Upper Silesia and the Kraków areas. In 2006, SK&S opened a further branch office in Wrocław. While most cross-border transactional work is conducted by our main office in Warsaw, our three branch offices allow us to provide quality, cost-efficient general counsel services to our clients in Western and Southern Poland.