Additional support for SK&S Clients in connection with Covid-19

As the events of the last few days have shown, the coming weeks will be a time of new challenges and of search for new solutions.

Both the COVID-19 threat and the extraordinary safety measures mobilised by the state and local governments are bound to affect both Polish and foreign entrepreneurs. In order to assist you, we have expanded the SK&S Assistance Package.

Our purpose is to:

  • identify key issues at your companies; and
  • limit adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

📞 We have set up a hotline for our Clients: our lawyers are available to respond to questions regarding those areas of your business that are key in the light of the current situation.

Today, these areas comprise above all:

✓ new legislation
support for management boards of companies
✓ r
elations with counterparties and lessees/lessors
✓ tax obligations
✓ labour law and GDPR
✓ life sciences
✓ criminal issues and cybersecurity

We are at your service!

Download the PDF version here